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Population Control

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Overpopulation is it our impending doom??

Every morning when I wake up I feel the need to lay in bed and look for interesting stuff to read and “like” the shit out of on Facebook.

This morning you can only imagine my joy when I came across an article on titled:


I couldn’t help but think ‘FINALLY an article that is aimed at “regular people” that addresses the issue of overpopulation in simple basic terms while offering a possible solution’.

Now, my title is merely an ingenious ploy to get you to read this article, I am not actually encouraging nor am I endorsing a human neuter program…and neither is Vice.

However I will be upfront. I am all for limiting the amount of children people can have!! Firstly I am not a huge fan of having babies, as in I personally don’t connect with tiny humans or feel the need to push one out of my special lady area.

Additionally, we all live on the same planet, so if you pop out 6 children you will impact my life, much like I would impact yours if I were to do the same.

Not necessarily directly, unless we are neighbors and I have the horror of listening to your screaming tribe at 8 am on a Saturday morning, but indirectly as each additional person that is produced uses valuable resources and adds to greenhouse gasses. So essentially producing an excessive amount of children is not environmentally friendly!!

Now before I go on, I want to back this thought up and give you a breakdown of the article I read so you know why I have started to address the issue of overpopulation.

Vice writer Joseph Cox spoke with Michael E Arth an ex-politician/ activist who has written on the subject of overpopulation.

In a nutshell he made the following points

  • We are doomed if we keep reproducing at our current rate. Our planet simply won’t be able to accommodate us.
  • We shouldn’t look at population control as a restriction on our freedom. “The limit to individual freedom is where the exercise of an individual right begins to infringe on the rights we hold in common. One aspect of the tragedy of the commons is the belief that people should be able to breed without any regard for others.” -Michael E Arth.
  • China is the only one who cares about this issue.
  • People are dying all over the world due to the effects of overpopulation (poverty, famine, natural disasters, disease etc.). Had we implemented a plan back in the 80’s this wouldn’t be happening.
  • Educating women in developing countries is the key to controlling our global population.
  • People will continue to live longer as new technology is developed.
  • Famine and war are cruel ways of controlling our population. 

His solution to stop overpopulation is to essentially introduce what he describes as “birth Credits”. 

Every human receives half a birth credit when they are born. They must pair with another human to make a full birth credit which will allow them to reproduce. If you want to have additional children you can purchase birth credits from people who do not wish to reproduce.

Now when I first read this theory I thought it sounded fantastic. I am not that interested in having babies and I always feel like there are no benefits to dying alone in a house of cats. This system would give me a financial rewards for my choice, which I could then spend on buying more cats….

However like all great theories this one is not without its flaws. Michael has failed to acknowledge how we would deal with a few key factors that could send his population control plan spiraling out of control.

1. You are screwed if you get screwed (too many times) and you ain’t rich.

What if you can’t afford the additional birth credits but you get knocked up for the second time???

I can vouch for our overpopulated globe when I say that we don’t want to turn into 1980’s China with people fearing for their lives, murdering their babies, dropping them in orphanages or hiding them. 

Also we all know that girl babies will be the first to get culled in many populations if this is introduced. As a female this terrifies me. 

2. What happens to people who become pregnant with multiple babies at the same time??

As if you aren’t being punished enough by having more than one screaming baby at 4 am. Now you have to deal with the financial burden of buying additional birth credits for your extra kid.

3. Religion

What happens to all the religious people who don’t believe in birth control? How do we deal with that backlash?


How will the trade work? How do you keep track of birth credits? Will there be a black market? Will inflation be considered?? Who will determine the price?? Can I buy a credit from a developing country at a better rate than if I buy it locally?? What if there is a natural disaster and 200,000 people die in one country, will birth credit prices drop or will additional credits be distributed among the population??

People can’t be trusted to sell concert tickets honestly.  How can we trust people to complete honest birth credit trades??

5. What if I have a baby with my first partner and they pass away. I want to move on but now I am branded by single childless men who want to have children as a financial burden??

6. How do we deal with babies conceived due to rape??

I have no answer for this one!!!

Basically the more I think about Michael’s suggestion the more on the fence I become. It is a great concept…in theory..but in reality I don’t see this being as fair or as logical as I first thought.

That said overpopulation is definitely an issue we need to start considering on a global scale so we can begin working towards a solution.

I suggest, off the top of my head that developed countries like the US and Australia stop introducing systems that encourage increased reproduction and start looking towards new ways for populating their countries…such as immigration.

Additionally I think education is the key to change. I like to believe that the more aware people are of our impending doom the more thought they may give to reproducing. After all I personally don’t want to raise a herd that is headed for starvation and death and I feel most logical humans will feel the same way.

Anyway your thoughts are welcomed!!

Till next time..


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