Bad Fashion

Now I didn’t grow up particularly fashionable. I was a tomboy and either my mother made my clothes, they were hand me downs, or I got into a particular fashion style after it had already passed and the clothes were on sale.

However as a kid I think that is how it should be!! I don’t understand why kids need all the latest clothes when they are going to ruin them, grow out of them and not remember them.

That said, now I LOVE FASHION!! I can’t get enough of it!!! Buying clothes, shoes and bags is my drug. It’s terrible!!!

Sometimes, when I open my closet, I hate myself because at least 99% of the stuff I own just sits in there waiting for the day when I am skinny enough or fancy enough to wear it. The 5 pairs of heels I NEEDED TO BRING to Canada because I LOVED THEM haven’t been worn once since I arrived and sometimes when I reach deep into my closet I find clothing I didn’t even know existed..its like a whole other realm.

Anyway due to my fashion addiction I have noticed that I have become extremely judgmental of other peoples fashion choices.

For example while shopping at Metrotown Mall (giant terrifying mall in suburban Vancouver) I found myself wanting to snap photos of people who I thought looked ridiculous so that I could text them to my friends. Just when I thought my judgement couldn’t get any worse I took it to a new level and started fantasy planning a book of bad fashion based on this mall.

Anyway, my insane amount of judgement made me realize that my love of style is/has turning/turned me into an awful person.

In an effort to bring myself back to reality I have decided to dig through some old photos of my glory days and share them with you.

I hope that by doing this I will be humbled by the constant reminder that I have not always made the best fashion decisions and that maybe my judgement should be reserved for my own mirror.

Goth Days


Believe it or not this photo was taken back in my high school years when the twilight movies didn’t exist.

Instead we had a movie called ‘The Craft’ and it is very evident from this picture that I was a fan!!

It is also clear, by my inability to make eye contact with the camera, that I thought that dressing in all black would prove some sort of deep point to society and my parents.

If I recall correctly all it proved was that nobody cared what color or lack of color I wore and that most people just assumed I was a moody irrational teen and avoided me!!


This photo is to remind me not to make fun of Emo kids (even though they are freaking ridiculous and so easy to laugh at) because lets face facts….if I was a teenager right now I would probably be one…(Insert sad and ashamed face).

Retro Wannabe


I don’t even know what to say about this, other than I feel like I still own those socks but they are lost in the other realm of my closet and if I recall correctly that blue one piece I am wearing in the first shot was slightly too small and gave me a constant wedgie.


Don’t wear headbands EVER. Don’t live in a ski town for so long that you think wearing stuff like this is awesome and acceptable.

And throw an apology out into the universe to that girl wearing the ‘child of the 80’s’ shirt who you had the nerve to secretly mock.

Fat Man Pants


I don’t even know what these pants are called, but we called them poop pants. I guess because the crotch hangs so low, even though the ankles are tight, that it looks like a poop is sagging them.

That fact alone should have prompted me to never purchase them!!

Instead I not only purchased them, I wore them to death.


I was living in a hostel in Edinburgh when I decided to make everyone jealous by showing them how comfortable I had become and how many high kicks I could do without exposing myself because of these amazing pants.

Due to the fact that I know the type of joy and extreme comfort traditional Asian pants can bring, I will no longer make fun of hippies and travelers who I see wearing loose fitting pants and instead high five them for being comfortable (even though they are the least sexy pants on the planet and nobody should ever wear them beyond their bedroom).

Also I should probably throw out another universe apology to the hippy on the skate board for saying… “gross why do men insist on wearing those pants they are terrible and do nothing for them”… to my friend as he rode by!!



What is worse than a male fohawk?? I’ll tell you..ME with a female fohawk accompanied by a Posh Spice reverse mullet!!

I don’t know what I was thinking with this one, but I assume something along the lines of business?, party?, business?, party?, business?, party?…ahhhhh just give me both!!!


When all of your close girlfriends are lesbians and they have awesome funky short haircuts, don’t try to get one as well unless you are going to commit and go full party/ punk rocker.

Also don’t try to combine several major hair fashion trends into the one haircut, then box dye it red!!!

Anyway I think I have shamed myself enough!!!

Through the creation of this post I discovered that I have so many photos of myself that are worthy of hitting Vice’s ’Don’t list’ I should never judge another persons clothing decision again.

That said….it doesn’t mean I won’t!!

Till next time,


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